Nevertheless, she persisted.

This whole pregnancy I had one simple goal: make it to 37 weeks, or term.  My water broke at 34 weeks to the day with our son, and he was born two days later.  It was with very little warning or any of the signs I thought I needed to be looking out for, so this go around I was extra cautious about every little Braxton Hicks contraction.  But here we are!  As of yesterday, Baby Girl and I are officially at the 37 week mark.

I didn't realize how much stress this date had been causing me until we made it.  It is as if suddenly a giant weight has been lifted.  Because from this point on, even if she comes at early term (this week or next), she is in a much better place to be born on a developmental level than Will was.  Now that worry has lifted, I'm starting to worry about how I'm going to handle birthing a bigger baby!  It's always something with us moms, right? ;)

So Baby Girl, thank you so much for being one tough cookie.  You have made it through a couple of false alarms, and even through one scary bout of the stomach flu that brought us into Labor and Delivery a couple of days before Christmas.  I thought you were going to come then, but after a couple of hours on IV fluids, all was right with the world.  "Nevertheless, she persisted" is going to be  our motto, I think!

People keep giving me a hard time, saying I won't know what to do with myself at this stage of pregnancy, or that I am going to be begging to get you out of my belly here in a couple more days.  I know they mean well; they just don't understand my experience.  But the honest truth is that I feel great.  Slower (and much larger) than usual, but I'm still dancing, teaching barre, and setting my ballet.  I'm still able to chase after your big brother (he will give you a run for your money, girlfriend!).  And I love having you with me for every moment of that.  I have savored every kick and squirm and hiccup because I know all too well there will come a day when you are no longer a part of me, and while nothing will compare to holding you in my arms, I will also miss the time when it was just us against the world.

So please, take your time little one.  We are ready for you, but we can never really be ready for you.  So come when you are ready.  You are already so very, very loved.

All of these pictures were taken Christmas Eve, two days after we left the hospital for the stomach bug (don't worry; we were outside for less than five minutes).  It was a day before the 34 week mark for us, when I went into labor with my son, Will.


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