Annual Christmas Tree Pics and Life Update

Well, what do you know- it's been an incredibly long time since I last posted anything on here!  Life just got away from me... I started a new job as Artistic Director for the Springfield Youth Performance Group (I've loved every minute of it), we found out we are expecting baby number two, and I performed in a Muni show, which pretty much ate up my entire summer.  All of a sudden it was fall, and now almost winter, and here we are.

I am officially 31 weeks along with Baby Scherer, who is a little girl!  Will is getting more and more excited to meet "sister," which melts my heart.  He is most likely going to totally change his mind once she actually arrives, but I'm basking in all the sibling affection while it lasts, delusional as it may be.

The holidays are upon us, with December rolling right along at lighting pace.  We have managed to get a few Christmas decorations up around the house, but with this insanely warm weather we have been having, it hasn't really felt like the holiday season yet.  When we went on our 4th annual trip to cut our Christmas tree yesterday (a whopping 20 minute drive), we didn't even need coats!

Will got to meet Santa for a second time yesterday, and unlike last year, there were no tears.  He is so sweet when you ask him what you want from Santa, he usually says, "Christmas," "Thanksgiving," and "candy canes."  He sweet heart is so easy to please, and his favorite thing about the holidays is being with family, especially his older cousins.  When the gift shopping starts to feel too overwhelming, I remind myself of what he really wants: simple treasures.  It's true that Christmas and the holiday season are most magical when you are a young child, but it returns tenfold when you get to see it again through the eyes of your children.  That is the season's greatest gift to me.

Attempting to look as tall as my husband, but it's never going to happen!


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