3 Years

Happy 3rd anniversary to my handsome husband, Matt!  A lot has happened since we said our vows that fateful Flag Day!  We bought a house, both changed jobs, and had a beautiful baby.  That day was still one of the best days of my life, celebrating our marriage with all of the people who mattered most to us as a couple.

When I look back on these photos I feel such a wide mix of emotions.  Nostalgic, because I loved everything about the day, and also a bit wistful, because you only get one wedding day (hopefully)!  Someone told me while planning my wedding that there were two things you should splurge on.  The first was great food, because everyone will remember the meal.  We had the chefs from American Harvest cater, and people still comment on how tasty our food was!  The second thing I was told to splurge on was a photographer that I loved.  I am so glad I followed that advice.  Lane Fowler from Willow Lane Photography took the dreamiest photos, and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed in a situation that can be totally awkward.  I remember her telling us to "imagine our future children" as we looked at one another, and now when I look at these photos I see Will as well.

Even though we had a "perfect" day, as with any live performance, mistakes were made!  One of my favorite memories is when Matt got really excited at the beginning of his vows and jumped the gun saying "I do" way too early.  It made everyone laugh and made me feel a lot less nervous.  Another great moment was when fireworks started going off.  I was by myself and started panicking that Hank  (who was still a pup at the time) might get scared and run off.  As I was looking for him and walking down the stairs, I missed two steps!  Luckily, I caught myself on the railing in the splits.  I looked around to see who else had noticed my faux pas, but I somehow went unnoticed.  Sometimes it pays to be a dancer!

So happy three years to my partner-in-crime, my best friend, the love of my life, and my baby daddy. There is no one I would rather stumble through this crazy adventure called life with than you!  Cheers to many more years and many more adventures together!
Too soon for I do!


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