Valentine's Day Love

These gorgeous baby bottles were a gift from my aunt and uncle that they picked up on a trip to Ireland!

Love all of the puppy photo bombs we got from Hank dog! <3

Here's another!

The weather in the Midwest has been unpredictable this winter, to say the least.  We have gotten very few days that feel like actual winter, and have enjoyed more mild temperatures and sun.  Everyone I know keeps chatting about how bizarre this is, but it really isn't.  As I sit here typing this and looking out at the beautiful snow that is falling down, I am reminded of Valentine's Day last year.

The sky dumped snow so perfect it looked as though we were in a snow globe.  It was a veritable winter wonderland outside.  I was pregnant with Will, and I felt a very strong urge to take maternity photos.  I loved the look of the snowy scenes I had found on Pinterest, but there was something more that was pulling me to have them taken.  Matt thought it was all a little last minute, and suggested we maybe wait until another snowy day, but I insisted.  "What if there aren't any more?  What if it melts tomorrow?" I asked.  He gave in, and off we went.

Well, the next day it melted all right.  Temps were high enough that all evidence of that white beauty had been erased and replaced with a thick, humid fog.  Later that day, my water broke!  In the excitement (and terror) of going into labor six weeks early, we kind of forgot all about the photos.

I recently came across them, and they took my breath away.  No, they were not taken by a professional.  No, they are not perfect.  But they are so beautiful because they capture some of the very last moments of us as a family of two (plus Hank dog!).  They are the last piece of evidence of William tucked safely away in my belly before he made his way to the other side.

Life is unpredictable, and so very beautiful.  Document all the little moments.  You never know if you will have a chance to recreate them.  I will be so happy to some day be able to share these photos with Will and tell him his birth story; the story of how his father and I fell into a deeper love than we ever thought possible the moment we saw his face.

Hope everyone is feeling and spreading the love this Valentine's Day season!  How do (or don't) you celebrate?


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