Happy Holidays

So December is here, and the holiday season is finally in full swing!  We even had our first snow here in Central Illinois yesterday!  It was wet and kind of sloppy, but the flakes were huge, and Will loved it.  Every year since we have moved back, we go and get our Christmas tree from the most adorable little place.  They have so many beautiful options, and it is super fun to walk through all the trees and choose which one you will cut and take home as your own (even though I always feel slightly guilty about cutting its life short- forgive the pun).

This year was more fun than ever because we were lucky enough to be able to bring our little guy along.  Not only did he get to stroll through the fields looking at trees, but he was able to meet Santa for the first time.  I suppose you can guess how well that went!  It was pretty hilarious!  In scene 1, the little guy rested his head on Santa's soft beard.  In scene two, he laid back in Santa's arms, considering who this kindly stranger might be.  It all culminated in scene 3, when he looked up at us, and finally burst into tears!  We were able to capture every emotional moment of it, and Santa was a great sport about the whole thing.  I'd never really considered this before, but it has to be so hard being the guy who dresses up as Santa.  I'm sure it's fun with the kids who are a little bit older, but how many babies just burst into tears when they are being posed for a picture?  You definitely have to have a thick skin and a good sense of humor.

We tied the trees to the roof (we only got one, but my parents tagged along with us), and headed home.  We actually were able to get the tree mostly decorated, and snapped some very Pinterest-y photos of Will checking out the lights before we put them on the tree.  I'm getting super excited for his first Christmas!  There is so much for me to do, but I know it will all be worth it.

What are some traditions you have for the holidays?  Do they excite you or stress you out?

 He was in a very serious mood that day!

See, my son does smile!

Twinning for the first snow of the season!


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