Don't Blink!

So life has continued to move forward, despite the fact that we have a new baby, haha!  I was recently out with a friend who has a four-month-old as well, and we were laughing over the fact that we just needed to "get on with it."  The anticipation of having a baby is so great that after the baby comes, it still feels like you are waiting for something to happen before you can just move on and continue to live your life the way you did before.  You suddenly just realize that this is your life now!

In many ways, things are the same.  We go to work, make dinner, go out when we can.  We take infinitely more pictures than we ever did before.  And we try to appreciate all the little tiny moments that make up the day.  Although they might seem mundane to onlookers, Will changes and grows so quickly, that if we blink we might miss something special.  I now truly understand what older family members mean when they say that the time slips by quicker than you can imagine...  I would say that the biggest difference in our lives has been that everything takes a lot longer with a baby.  I am a chronically early person, but Will is on his own schedule, and sometimes we don't communicate well in that department.  It's also next to impossible to be as spontaneous as you were before kids.  But honestly, all of those changes are completely worth it in exchange for seeing your tiny human laugh or try something new.

Time definitely feels like it has been moving in hyper speed, and Matt and I have already celebrated both Mother's Day and Father's Day!  Will is the apple of our families' eye, and he has had lots of quality time with extended family: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and even great-grandparents. We feel extremely blessed to have such a loving and supportive family in which to raise our son.

I was never the kind of girl who always wanted to be a mom growing up, but now that I have become one it feels like this was something I was always destined to do, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I can't imagine life without my little man!

How do you "slow time" and savor every moment with your little ones and families?

Will meeting his Nani (my grandmother)

My first Mother's Day 

My Dad, Matt, Will, and Hank dog on Father's Day

This baby boy is all smiles, all the time!  Love him to the moon and back.


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