The vintage dresser we picked up at the Bloomington flea market this fall for $60.

The gorgeous floors after Matt tore out the carpet and distressed them!

Beautiful hat and booties knitted by my aunt for a shower gift: the booties have a bow for a girl, and a rocking horse button for a boy.  We will be able to switch them out after we know, but I love them both!

Aren't baby blankets seriously the sweetest things?

Now that we have had our baby shower, I am beginning to go into full-on nesting mode!  I feel like I won't be able to rest until the the nursery is completely finished, organized, and ready for Baby S to be welcomed home.  Right now we are in a fairly good place: things have been unwrapped and washed, we have painted the walls and refinished the floors, and the crib has been set up.  Now all we are waiting on are our custom curtains, bookcase, mobile (which my mom and I are making ourselves), and for me to finish painting our vintage dresser that will double as a changing table.  Who knew creatures as tiny as babies needed so much gear in their lives?!  

I can't wait to see what it looks like when everything is all finished, and to share pictures of the finished project here.  Any other mamas get the strong urge to make their homes perfect during the last few weeks?  Comment away!


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