Refinished Floors

So, my amazingly talented husband refinished our 150-year-old floors in the master bedroom this week.  Now, this was his first time doing a project this major, and the results are seriously gorgeous.  I have absolutely no idea why people insist on covering up beautiful, natural wood with carpet.  In our case, generic greige carpet- the worst!

Since we have a baby coming in March, we knew we needed to choose our projects carefully so we wouldn't be overwhelmed by construction, especially since I am very limited in what I can contribute right now.  Refinishing the floors was the one thing we decided we wanted to do besides the nursery.  With a little help from my dad, who has restored two of his own homes and helped in numerous others, Matt gave me my dream floors!

Scroll through the pics to see the before, during, and after results.  This was a project done with a lot of love.  He did half the room with only  hand sander until someone lent him an electric planer, and I included a picture of when he over-sanded a bit because this is a learning process for us!  I tried not to include too many of Matt doing the labor himself, something we affectionately refer to as "woman porn," but I couldn't resist adding one! I can't wait until we get all settled in to our new master bedroom!

Hank dog checking out the old greige carpet- he's not a fan.

Let the sanding begin!

The glue and paint that was left after the carpet came up.

A little too much sanding leads to splintering...

The floors in all their natural, naked glory!

Here is the bit of "woman porn" I promised you.

After receiving the polyurethane coats.


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