O Christmas Tree

I don't know about the rest of the country, but we here in Illinois have been receiving some unseasonably warm weather lately.  Now, I truly cannot complain about it being in the high 50s in December, but it does make me worry a bit that there is going to be a March blizzard since winter is coming late this year.  And with our luck, it will hit just in time for Baby S to make his or her debut!

Over the warm weekend, my husband and I met up with my parents and went out to Bomke's Patch to go get our Christmas tree.  There is nothing that gets me into the holiday spirit quite like walking around a Christmas tree farm, and getting to see all the kids running around and meeting Santa Claus.  And of course, they have snacks available, which is heaven for a pregnant lady!  We are lucky to have such a lovely family business in our area.

The beautiful view at Bomke's
The original contender

Rows and rows of Christmas trees
The winner!
My dad overseeing the guy who is an actual professional...

Picking out the tree was the fun part, and we got to get a nine-footer this year since our Italianate house allows for height and drama.  Decorating it presented its own set of unique challenges, but I certainly got my workout going up and down the steps!

A court jester ornament from the year I danced the part of the Jester in Swan Lake

Putting the ornaments on our tree is always like a trip down memory lane.  In my family we have this amazing tradition: my mom would get us an ornament every year and tuck it into our stockings.  It was usually something to commemorate the highlights of our year, or at the very least, it was a nod to our interests at that time.  When we graduated high school and finally got to put up trees of our own, we had small but beautiful collections of ornaments to begin our own tree-trimming traditions.  I am definitely going to continue this tradition with my own children, and I can't wait to start next Christmas!

A wedding cake ornament for our first Christmas as a married couple last year 

Do you have any fun holiday traditions that make the holiday exciting?


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