Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends!  One of the best parts of moving back to our hometown is that my husband and I are able to be close to almost all of our family members.  So this year, instead of having to choose whose family we spent time with, we got to go to not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners.  Normally this would have seemed quite a daunting task, but pregnancy at the holidays certainly does have its perks, as I am quickly learning. ;)

Lately I am falling even more in love with dresses for their versatility as well as their comfort.  Nothing can accommodate an ever-expanding waistline quite like the heaps of fabric on a dress!  It has also made it so even though I am almost six months along, I haven't had to buy any traditional maternity clothing.  I decided to rock this festive Forever 21 dress for T-gives, and I am glad I did: there was more than enough room for Baby S, my food baby, and I to stay comfortable throughout our marathon of feasting.  And even though everyone keeps asking me how I am still wearing heels when I get dressed up, the truth is they make me feel a little longer and leaner.  I always tell people that even though my heels seem like they are high and maybe uncomfortable, I am used to wearing pointe shoes.  My feet can handle anything!


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