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Four Years

Four years ago on a cool, clear, windy Flag Day, my best friend and I got married.  We made a promise before all of our friends and family to take the good with the bad, and to keep choosing one another day after day, even if it was not always the easiest choice to make.  I am happy to report that the last four years, which have really put us through the ringer on occasion, have truly been the happiest of my life.  When I look at these photos, taken by Lane Fowler of Willow Lane Photography, it's hard not to be transported back to the magic of that day. This year, June 14th looks a little different.  Here I sit, a sick four-month-old sleeping in her Solly wrap, while a sick two-year-old naps upstairs.  My better half was up all night long, saving lives, so he is also sleeping.  Is this what I imagined when my photographer directed me to "envision our future life together" on our wedding day?  Not exactly.  But I'll let you in on a little secret: this life, this craz

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